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Achieve your desired growth momentum at a faster pace with our full-stack web development services. 

Here at Alpha, we specialize in a full range of software development, from the best-optimized front-end designing to a full suite of back-end services. We have a dedicated team of highly talented and innovative software developers to put your business on a growth trajectory in this extremely competitive global market.

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Programming Framework

We provide programming framework solutions for eCommerce companies of all sizes.


Easily manage your database system and scale up your growth with confidence.

We offer comprehensive and efficient database management services for you. Our team of expert developers, with their year-long experience in this field, will assist in implementing the best-suited solution for your business to achieve your desired business goal.

In this age of the data-driven market, we provide a high-performing centralized database management service with robust security and smooth processing, enabling you to lead in the competition.


Get a fast and flexible document database service that supports transactional, analytics, and search with a unified query interface.


MySQL offers exceptional performance with easy-to-navigate features. It is indisputably one of the most secure and reliable DBMSs around.


NoSQL database brings superior performance and greater scalability compared to RDMS. It can accommodate high-volume traffic swiftly.


PostgreSQL comes up with a wide range of features related to its performance, security, and configuration. This powerful tool is an excellent choice to serve your needs.


Express is a fast, minimalistic, and customizable web framework for Node.js. It is easy to integrate with databases such as MongoDB and MySQL.

React js

React lets you create a top-notch agile interface for your website. This JavaScript framework is widely popular as it delivers a superior page experience with faster rendering.

Node js

Node.js is one of the best platforms as it delivers easy application scalability and built-in JSON support. In addition, it allows a comfortable cross-browser atmosphere with active community support.


Ruby on Rails web development technology is dynamic, high-performing, and, most importantly, quickly configurable. Its affordability and productivity made it popular among other frameworks.


We provide excellent JavaScript development solutions at Alpha Commerz. Our top-notch developers are proficient in JavaScript programming and all related frameworks, enabling you to create smooth and user-friendly web solutions for your company that will boost clientele, revenue, and ROIs.

With our unparalleled expertise in Javascript development experience, you stay one step ahead of the competition. 


PHP development offer simplified programming feature to create cost-efficient dynamic web pages. Its effortless scripting language lets you build a robust back-end system.

Our developers at Alpha Commerz are proficient in various PHP modules. We offer a client-oriented approach to serve you with customizable, reliable, and scalable PHP development Services. We excel in PHP frameworks such as Core PHP, Laravel with ORM, OpenCart, and OOP.

Core PHP
PHP web development is widely popular for its versatility and compatibility. They offer efficient performance with extreme flexibility.
OpenCart platform is an amazing tool of sales through online. It has easy adaptability with PHP/MySQL-supported web servers and requires minimal maintenance effort.
Laravel with ORM

With a fantastic layout, Laravel is extremely popular in making websites and webpages. Its built-in Eloquent ORM is substantially faster compared to its peers.


The OOP provides a clear language structure and makes troubleshooting easier. In addition, it reduces development time and helps to create fully reusable applications with less code.

We provide professional, reliable, and productive WordPress development services. Our range of services covers WordPress development, theme and plugin development, migration, maintenance, and support.
We are a fully professional WooCommerce service provider. We offer custom WooCommerce development, theme development, design, upgradation services, maintenance and support, and a third-party payment gateway.
Hubspot offers analytics and insights on your existing content strategy and checks opportunities to develop by informing you about your page performance, organic traffic, and potential leads.
Shape up your online business platform with Squarespace and our trained and experienced developers. We provide personalized Squarespace theme development, customization, and migration to meet your requirements.


CMS framework is the building block of your web management. It enables creating a website without the hassle of programming or complex codes. Our professionals use the most advanced software, such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Hubspot, and Squarespace, to build your CMS framework. 

So, be assured your CMS framework will be easy to use, will have various design options and templates, and the option of data portability and extension and add-ons. We provide full CMS framework support for our clients.


An application programming interface is the process of building, publishing, and managing APIs across an enterprise and multi-cloud setting. It is responsible for a consumable, secured, and managed API. 

Alpha has the most skilled developers in the field to create a visible and scalable platform for their clients. The API integration and development services we provide are tailored to each client’s needs. Our API integration services are available for existing applications as well as for the software we develop from scratch.

Rest API
Rest API is a widely used form of API for crucial projects. It is prevalent for being lightweight, independent, and flexible.
Legacy API
A set of functions known as the WooCommerce Legacy API enables plugins and themes to communicate with WooCommerces data structures.
Passport API
Laravel Passport is an efficient way to establish an authentication system for your API. Using Passport will provide your API robust security against unauthorized access.
3rd party API

Third-party API is cost-effective and time-saving as it has the advantage of ready functionality. It is efficient and requires less maintenance.

We provide professional, reliable, and productive WordPress development services. Our range of services covers WordPress development, theme and plugin development, migration, maintenance, and support.
tailwind CSS
Create and control your applications easily. Tailwind CSS framework handles utility classes efficiently and keeps the CSS files smaller.
Sass enables you to construct an elegant and reduced CSS script. It is more powerful, robust, and efficient as it is compatible with all CSS versions.

Feature-rich Less extends the credibility of CSS. This CSS pre-processor is faster and easier and allows cross-browser compatibility.


Make the development process faster and more efficient. Front-end frameworks are software programs that transform data into a graphical interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Our front-end development services provide real-time and secure programming to deliver engaging front-end experiences. We have a flexible, scalable,user-driven development process that is easy to learn, safe from cyber attacks, and helps reduce development time. These development frameworks have built-in features to develop responsive websites and applications without writing the code. 

managing tools

At Alpha, we have an effective server management strategy that analyzes all issues hitting your server to ensure optimal and secure performance. Our team of experts will monitor and maintain your system to keep the server and related systems in a desirable, consistent state.

We build and design server structures, reduce or eliminate server downtime, keep your software up to date, monitor server traffic for suspicious activity, and implement robust backup and cyber security solutions.

The most versatile computing platform is Amazon EC2. AWS is fully secure, adaptable, and dependable with choices for processor, storage, networking, os, and payment method.

Data backup and archiving, as well as storing data for use by applications, are all possible with Amazon S3. The files that are stored are not bound by it.

The managed hosting company Cloudways places a strong emphasis on simplicity and performance. From the straightforward launch of the server and application through ongoing server maintenance
WP Engine

WP Engine is a company that offers managed hosting services exclusively for websites utilizing the well-known CMS WordPress.

git Version Control
Git version control assists teams in resolving these issues by keeping track of each contributor’s individual change and preventing concurrent work from conflicting.
Software project monitoring, archiving, and collaboration are all possible via GitHub. By contributing code files, developers can collaborate on open-source editing projects.
Project management, source code management, CI/CD, monitoring, and security are all handled by GitLab, a comprehensive DevOps platform that is supplied as a single application.

A key advantage of using Docker images in a software deployment pipeline is that you can include both your infrastructure and your application inside the container image.

DevOps tools

Manage a streamlined flow between teams and make the software development process more consistent, smooth and successful with our effective DevOps services.

DevOps is an intersection of development and operations that enhances your organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high speeds. The DevOps process infinity sign indicates that it is a continuous process of improving efficiency and constant activity.


Jenkins combines several stages of the development lifecycle, such as build, document, test, package, stage, deploy, static analysis, and much more. The level of automation rises.


To increase agility, Kubernetes combines the development and maintenance phases of software systems. Developers can inspect, access, deploy, modify, and optimize container ecosystems using the Kubernetes user interface.


Grow your business efficiently and stay compliant by preventing the loss of sensitive data. Security management system protects your web pages and website data from internet-based cyber attacks (malware, phishing, etc.) and any other suspicious activities. We have an effective security strategy that is comprehensive and dynamic to respond to any type of security threat.

Moreover, we build trust and loyalty among your customers and help them stay safe and productive with a better user experience.

ARP Poisoning

A method of cyberattack known as “ARP poisoning” leverages vulnerabilities in the widely used Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) to sabotage, reroute, or monitor network traffic.

DHCP spoofing occurs when an attacker attempts to respond to a DHCP request and list (spoof) himself as the default gateway or DNS server, thereby launching a MITM attack.
A Trojan horse virus is a type of malware that is downloaded to your computer under the guise of a legitimate program.
Sql Injection
SQL Injection (SQLi) is an internet security vulnerability that allows an attacker to compromise the queries an application makes against a database.

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